The natural frustration of wanting more

The natural frustration of wanting more

We have what I believe we could call this natural frustration of wanting more.

Through being grateful for what you already have you create space for more. By being in the present moment you can implement new thoughts and level towards feeling in order to create your future.

While at the same time we spend a lot of time being frustrated in the now about not having the more right now that we only create more frustration for the future.

All anxiety anyway must originate in this.

From not seeing what we already have, from not hearing what is already being said, from not feeling what we are not allowing ourselves to feel.

So what is it you really want?

That should be a question not only for every day but for every moment.

What is it you would truly love to have in this moment? Exactly what life would you rather be living right now if not the one you already created? Are you even ready for it?

I'll tell you right now. You are not ready for it. Cause if you would be ready for it. If you would be able to handle it. If you would be able to truly believe that imaginary life of yours is for you. Than you would already be living it. You are only living the life you believe you are deserving to live. And you are actually free to change your life right this second by changing what you believe. 

The limits you created not only block you from the life you desire. These limits also block you from being brave enough to visualise what you want, anything for that matter. Only once you dare to dream precisely. Once you dare to visualise exactly what you want step by step. Starting with enabling yourself to feel how you want to feel. Only than you are sending clear signals to the universe. Only than your reality can start transforming into a new. While at the sama time it is still transforming. Your reality is never the same. It is new in every moment. Your thoughts and feelings are transforming it every instant. It is only leaning towards what you might consider as good or bad in the way you implement your thoughts and feelings. 


It is only the illusion you want to create even if you are not aware you are creating it. 


So ask yourself again.

What is it you really want in this moment?

How exactly do you want to feel in this moment?

And are you sure it is how you want to feel?

You might even realise you need to feel down right now. You need to feel anxious right now. You need to feel sad. You need to feel lost. You need this feeling until you realise you are the only one implementing your feeling and luckily no-one else has the power over them. You are the only force in charge of your life. You are leading the way. And whenever you need to blame any person in your life who is doing you the greatest service of playing the role by mirroring the part of you you need to blame, that person will be there for you. Maybe soon you can start thanking them. Thanking them for showing you what you right now are needing to see. For hearing what you are needing to hear. 

So what is it? Do you want to feel happy? What can you do to be happy right now? Aren't you at the same time right now blocking yourself from being happy? Or are you needing actually to feel sad right now? And if you do believe you want to feel happy, why is that? What do you thing you will have if you start feeling happy right now? What do you believe you will have that you aren't having right now? What will actually change if you start feeling truly happy right now? 

And well you are in charge. So how can you achieve to feel happy right now? What can you do for yourself without really doing anything? You are a human being. All you came here to do is to be and feel. You are not a human doing. So go on. Feel happy right now. Feel absolute happiness. Do this for yourself now. You have all it takes. You have all you need. You are in charge of your happiness in this moment. 

And if you achieved this instant of happiness, observe. Observe and learn how you did it. How you can do it. How easy or hard is it right now for you to do it. And what does the change bring you. What had changed. What are you truly feeling now. How did your thoughts change? How did your life change? Do you maybe believe you could do this again? Truly take an instant of your day and make yourself feel happy? And can you learn to implement more of these instants? I'll answer that one for you. You can. And actually it is the only way. And no 'person' aka a mirror of you can do this for you. Because they are only mirrors. They have no power over you. You are the only one in charge of that power. Both luckily and sadly. Luckily cause you can absolutely influence everything in your life. And sadly because it is some hard work, some stepping out and being brave and absolutely no one is coming to do it for you.

So from the beginning to illustrate on the illusion I once used to accept as my reality. Until you believe and need to believe, that going to work for eight hours a day is what you are supposed to be doing in this life, and until you are accepting that as the experience you came to this life for, it will be there for you absolutely.

Until you need to believe there is such thing as money and that it is something limited, than this illusion will absolutely be there for you and as a bonus you can put in charge someone who will be even responsible for which portion of this money you will be getting each month, day, hour.

And the same pattern, you guessed it can be applied to any aspect of your life. You can put doctors and relatives in charge of your health and body. You can put your mirror/partner in charge of your feelings. You can put your subconscious mind in charge of creating toxic thought patterns and situations...

Anything you choose to believe becomes your reality.

And anything you choose to change can change immediately... if you believe it can of course. 

There is no such thing as luck because you are in charge. So I can wish you more of bravery and focus on staying strong to reprogram your mind to your new reality.


The more love I give myself today, the more I can receive tomorrow.

The more love I give myself this week the more I can receive next week.

The more love I give myself this month the more I can receive next month.

The more love I give myself this year the more I can receive next year.

Give yourself love and the be prepared to receive back.

Love is being multiplied by giving and receiving.

With limiting either giving or receiving you are interrupting with the flow of love and abundance of life.

The more love you give your body, the longer it will want to be and the more it will be able to stay here.

The body is guided by the mind so the more love full thoughts you send out the more come back and the more they are projected into your body.

It’s like watching a movie with a happy ending. It is a way we trick but also program our mind. We have all watched so many movies with happy endings. We don’t want to settle for less and we give up trying to start any relationships. Because we see how fast the happy ending happens in a movie. The key here is that we all can and should have our happy ending. We are all absolutely perfect human beings deserving of love - only love is hidden in the one place we aren’t looking so often.

All the love you need to create your life is hidden inside you.

Love is an infinite flow.

Inside you, there are infinite amounts of love for you and the rest of the world.

The only reason why we are also able to give love to others is for guidance and sharing knowledge.

Giving love to someone else has to flow at the same intensity as giving love to yourself otherwise the flow is interrupted, the mind starts sensing danger and the body starts feeling pain.

We are meant to be here with other human beings in order to collaborate and expand our minds together. We are not here together to hurt each other or to suffer. There is really no one superior than the rest of us. Fear and lie wants to be superior but will kill us long term. Only healthy love with a conscious mind is maintainable and sustainable.

We only meet people that mirror exactly what we need to see in the right time and place of life.

Sharing knowledge through love without force and fear has the highest power.

Your mirrors remind you of what you should be working on.

Through fear we mirror patterns that we must leave in the past to learn and free ourselves.

Free yourself.

With much love


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