About me

I am Kristyna. 

Most of all I am me and that was the most important thing life has taught me so far. Although I have subconsciously always been me. In my mind I was carrying all my past and it was affecting my life more that I wanted to admit. I have learned that the hardest part about finding yourself in a situation that puts you in the position of a victim as a child, is definitely not the situation itself. The hardest part is that you keep on being the victim of your own life, because you are certain you are the victim, because you really once were one. What I realised through pain and suffering is, that I can change from being the victim to becoming the creator of my own life.


Today I know that anyone of you can do the same and that’s why I am now here, creating KristynaWorld. 


The quality of life, you can gain from this transition is inexplicable, freeing, liberating, abundant, joyful, harmonious, peaceful and more. No matter how my life might seem to everyone around me, until I can accept that being once a victim is a part of me, until I fully accept myself with it and become conscious that I attracted similar victim like situations into my life, only after I can set myself free to live who I am and keep on becoming the best version of myself and changing freely everyday.


Last but not least for my introduction I want to share a fun fact. I think I always did see that working in ‘the system’ was always just a step to getting somewhere. Just another experience. Now I am sure of it. I am grateful to everyone who has given me the opportunity to work for them, until I could get to now. Until I could understand the simple laws of the Universe. I want you to relate. I want to give you hope. No matter where you are now, you can soon become truly yourself. 


My journey of employee jobs went like : 1. Hostess at events 2. Selling and repairing watches 3. Student organisation coordinating internships 4. Interning as a civil engineer in Cyprus 5. Ceramics lector in kindergarten 6. Bachelor party event manager 7. Bistro - making trdelník 8. Escape room person 9. LEAD certificates office work 10. Safety deposit boxes receptionist 11. Hotel receptionist 12. Christmas gifts packing 13. Hostess in restaurant 14. Assistant construction site manager 15. Architect in Barcelona 16. Construction site manager 17. Volunteering as a bartender in Guatemala 18. Volunteering at the reception in Costa Rica 19. Volunteering as an English teacher in Ecuador 20. Volunteering at a NGO as a Spanish Math teacher in Peru 21. Interning on construction site in Guatemala 22. Interior designer 23. Shop assistant 24. Freelance English, Spanish, Czech, French lector 25. Freelance interior designer 26. Freeee and ready for the next thing :)


Not gonna lie, some of these were excruciating, but I am endlessly grateful they were there when I needed them. That I had the possibility to be employed and grateful for everything I could learn.


So welcome to my world and hopefully you will get inspired here to start creating your own. 


With much love,