The new beginning

Hi everyone!

So glad you made it up to here! Life is a journey and this is just another step on mine - although it might be more like a jump this time. I am super excited, with huge plans and a lot of motivational stuff already being prepared to share with this world. I want to make this quite brief, just to have a little memory to look back at to this moment. I am proud I actually made it up this moment cause there were times I didn't think I would make it at all. Everything I have been through has really made me only more ready for this day. :) And mostly, I decided to start sharing mainly because I want to be your hope on your bad days. 

Everything you have been through is what you survived to get to where you are now and to start living your life. Because after you try making everyone else proud of you, only then you will realise there is only yourself waiting for your approval. There is really only yourself you can really please and make happy. There is no such thing as someone being doomed and not deserving of a new reality. No matter where you are now and how you got here. Any day in your life, you can decide to start creating your own reality. 

Might sound cliché but at the same time that you realise you can really have everything you ever were brave enough to think about, at that same time your reality will start changing around you. The only real change comes from inside you and you are the only one in charge.

With all the hope you might need

With so much love



To start off with some tips. If you are any kind of lost, here are a few books that helped me some time ago and only confirmed what I was already feeling was `right`.

  • Spirit Means Business. A. Cohen
  • You Can Heal Your Life. L. L. Hay
  • The Healing Power of Illness. T. Dethlefsen, R. Dahle
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